Fortifying A Legacy - One Beating Heart At A Time! 

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Andrew Murphy-President/Mindset Guru:

Hello, my name is Andrew Murphy and I am passionate about building brands and working with entrepreneurial minded companies. If your business has “a beating heart” so to speak then I would love to provide you a free consultation. Together we will hit a single, possibly even a homerun, but know that either way your company will be getting on base. Right now 100% of my time is focused on helping Financial companies gain that extra edge when it comes to the new technological developmental world in which we live in at this given time. Website maintenance, conversion rates, ROI, optimization, social media traffic, developing genre generated scorecards, well that’s where I spend most of my days.

Some say I have become a well accomplished consultant throughout the Midwest, teaching many beating hearts (clients) what it takes to make it in this ever changing world of entrepreneurial coaching. Truth be told what I do on a daily basis is driven by passion and persistence and doesn't really feel like work at all.  I am currently engaged in an effort of helping the "little man" succeed in a "big man's environment. With that said I’m also involved in a synergy circle that helps people gain more Freedom of their own time, money, relationships and purpose.

My current offer right now involves providing strategic advice for businesses which target the financial service categories. However my expertise drive me to find solutions in any working business environment. I set a goal and works towards it by identifying, implementing and monitoring strategies that meet each individual client's specific needs. I am also a member of a networking integrated circle that provides comprehensive financial planning for clients who need guidance concerning investments, insurance, retirement, tax, legacy building and estate planning. My ever growing clients include: entrepreneurs, executives, physicians, small business owners, Veteran's, first responders and retirees.

I live in Missouri with my wife Kate. Together, we have two children and two dogs.

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